After-sales service

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After-sales service

Warranty period information
  • The period for after-sales service lasts for one year starting from the date of purchase.

    The after-sales service is for the only products purchased from Dosco headquarters.


    If you want after-sales service for the products purchased from the internet mall, you should ask about after-sales service to the internet mall.


    The warranty period of the products purchased in the internet mall is different, so please check it when purchasing the products.

  • The period for after-sales service of the products purchased from hardware stores and through other routes is one year starting from the date of production written on the sticker attached on the body of the product.



A / S proceedings

※ The after-sales service of all products will be returned to the headquarter through the parcel delivery service and will be released after repairing the repaired products.

※ For the after-sales service that occurs six months after the product purchase date, the consumer should pay for the round-trip delivery fee. Our company will pay for the round-trip delivery fee for the after-sales service that occurs before six months.

  • If you want After-sales service at Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd., please call 031.737.4949 (Only products purchased from headquarters can be checked)
  • Proceeding with free or paid After-sales service after checking the warranty period.
  • If it is within a year, the headquarters of Dosco will request the product to be recalled.

    - If it is after a year, the product should be delivered to the headquarters of Dosco.
    (Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd. 52 Suntec City 2 301 Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
    You have to enclose the product with a newspaper or air cap not to let the product broken in the box.

    We can't provide the After-sales service if the retrieved product is damaged.

  • The products stocked to the headquarters will be repaired and shipped on the same day.

    -If it should be paid service, we check the product, notify the estimated price, and when the amount is deposited, it will be repaired and shipped.

Exchange/ Refund/Return

※ Dosco Industries Co., Ltd. uses Logen shipping Co. In the case that you use other packages, you have to pay for the additional cost.

※ If the customer wants a refund due to their change and carelessness, please confirm that the products will be returned, the headquarter will check the products, and then the products will be refunded.

※ Please call for urgent information such as address and product change. Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd. Headquarters 031-737-4949

※ From October 18, 2018, the measures for the workers for the customer reception of the industrial safety and health act will be implemented.

※ Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd. refuses to accept black consumers.


  • Suppose the product's size is incorrect because of the bathroom interior and existing perforated size construction, or the customers changed their mind and want to exchange with another product. In that case, they should pay an additional 6,000 won for a round-trip fare(per box of basic size).
  • The headquarters and the product will request the recall should be packaged and wrapped with subsidiary materials such as air caps to prevent damage and then retrieved by parcel service.

    The product cannot be exchanged after seven days or if there are defects, including scratches on the product, contamination, and missing components.

  • If there is a price difference between the products that should be exchanged with each other, we will refund it after deducting the additional charge or freight charge. (Excluding 500 won if the bank account is not Woori Bank)


  • Starting from the purchase date, you can get a refund only if it is within seven days.
  • Refund is possible only for the products purchased from the headquarters of Dosco Industrial CO., Ltd. If you purchased the product through other routes such as the internet mall, you must request a refund from the place where you purchased the product.

    If customers want a refund because they changed their mind or made some mistakes for the product name, the customers must pay for an additional 6,000won to 7,000 won as the round trip fare (per box of basic size).

  • The headquarters will request recall first, and the products will be taken by parcel delivery service after the product is packed in subsidiary materials such as air caps not to let it damaged.

    Products that are damaged, contaminated, missing components, etc., including scratches on the product, cannot be refunded.


  • If the product is different from the product the customers were informed about or is damaged, the customers can return it if they request the refund within 14 days starting from the date of purchase.
  • If it is our company's fault, the headquarters of Dosco will pay for the fare, and if you enclose the product not to be damaged, we will process with the product collection.
  • After we check the photo of the product, we will give you a refund or exchange.