Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I purchase the product?

    If you call 031.737.4949, you can purchase the product after checking the product.

  • Is it possible to purchase only ventilator components?

    If you want components like product cover, outlet (backflow prevention damper), flexibles, etc., you can purchase them if you call 031.737.4949 in Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • How long is the warranty period?

    The warranty period for free after-sales service is one year. You have to pay for after-sales service afterward.

  • How is the after-sales service proceeded?

    If you call 031.737.4949, we will help you with the process after checking the fee for the after-sales service is free for you or not.

    If you want to know about more information, please refer to the "Service information-After-sales service) category on our homepage.

  • Can I turn on this ventilation for 24 hours?

    The ventilator motor's life span can decrease rapidly when you use it for a long time, and over-loading due to overheating is accumulated, so we recommend that 30 minutes to 1 hour is the appropriate time for once.

  • The ventilator makes a loud noise. Should I replace it with another one?

    If the noise is the sound from the body part of the fan, it means the motor is overheated due to exhaustion of the internal oil, so you have to replace it.

    If there is no noise from the fan and the electric damper is installed together, please check where the electric damper opens when the fan is operated.

     And if there is a problem with the fan, you have to replace it with another one.

  • I smell the harmful cigarette odor through the fan. What should I do?

    You have to purchase an electric damper.

    If the ventilator is our model, you can purchase it in 100Ø.

    But if it is another company's model, you must purchase the product that fits the ventilator's size.

  • I am currently using another company's product, can I replace it with a product from Dosco?

    If you check the ceiling perforation size, we can recommend you for the product to be installed.

    If you call Dosco Industrial Co., Ltd. by dialing 031.737.4949, we can help you with basic information such as cost and availability.

  • I received the product. How Can I install it?

    If the management office can cooperate with you, please contact us.

    If not, you have to install it by yourself.

    Please refer to the "Service Guide-Product installation-Installation Manual" category on our homepage for instructions about how to install.