The company that pioneered the technology of small ventilators in Korea for the first time · DOSCO CLEAN AIR SYSTEM

Company introduction


※ Order by phone: 031-737-4949

  • If the product is broken, please don't discard it but check the label sticker's product model name on the side of the product's body.
  • When you want to discard the product, please leave the product's photo(body, cover, model name stickers, electrical connection method).
  • Please use existing product power lines if the electrical connection method is not common.

Precautions for ventilation

Product name: Ventilation for toilet (220V* 60Hz)

Model number: SMT-400

Manufacturer: TEL: 031 737 4949


1. Product characteristic

① This is a cpnsumable product among electrical tools.

Due to the characteristic of this product, when used for a lot of hours( appropriate to use this product for 1 to 2 hours), the temperature fuse which prevents overheating is attached in the closed space, so if the temperature is higher than specific normal temperature, it stops operating.

There may probably be some households who operate it for an excessively long time because of fine dust(inflow of cigarette smoke) in their daily lives and hot weather.

② It is a product equipped with a square-coated induction motor o it has little noise. And the efficient design of airflow paths lets it have better wind volume than any other products on the same level.

For stability, the temperature fuse is installed around the motor coil, so when the overheated temperature goes more than 130℃, it shortens electricity and ensures stability.


2. Precautions when use

These days, many households in apartments use products for a long time (more than half a day) due to the backflowing smell and bad odor between households after floor noise.

It can be the major factor in reducing the ventilator's lifespan, and it is a damp-proof ventilator and important to know that it is made to remove the moisture from showering.