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Company introduction

G Clean 900 (GL-60,90)

Features and specifications
●High-efficiency, fixed-pressure, static-air fan that produces low noise
●A high-tight reverse flow prevention damper is attached (You can choose between the built-in type, the external type)
●Easy to install in confined spaces
●Various options can be applied
●Built-in filter
Product details


Performance curve

Product composition

Product specification
model name G Clean 900 (GL)
Static pressure 25~250Pa
Constant air volume 71.6 ~ 91cmH
Power Consumption 35W
noise 37 ~ 39dB
Rated voltage 220V,60Hz
Grill cover size 250mm×250mm
Installation standard size (∓5mm)


weight 2~2.5kg
Connection option 99Ø, coded
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