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Company introduction

G Clean C100HV

Features and specifications
●Hybrid ventilation system with constant air volume
●Ventilation board (interlocked) unit
●Air volume control function among strong, medium, and weak
●There is a time adjustment function such as 30,60,90
●Selectable between the living room (2room) interlocking ventilation or bathroom local ventilation
●Various model groups (set air volume 92C~110CMH)
Product details

Installation details

Performance curve

Product composition

Product specification
model name GClean C100HV
Static pressure 25~250Pa
Air volume 60~110CMH
Power Consumption 30~43W
noise 31 ~ 39dB
Rated voltage 220V,60Hz
Grill cover size 280mm×280mm
Installation standard size (∓5mm)


weight 2.4kg (based on the first quarter)
Connection option 100Ø, living room interlocking ventilation,
light control (1EA or 2EA)
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